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Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets and computers of All Major Brands

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Here at The Gadgets Lab, we sell brand new or used Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Computers. Our products have different warrantees and prices that sure meet your needs.

Brand new items:

Brand new phones, Tablets, Laptops and Computer which have 12 months’ warrantee from the manufacturer that gives you peace of mind. These items will not have scratch and physical damage and are fully loaded with the latest software that are compatible. They are in sealed boxes, or the box might be open by us in order for to verify the specification and the condition of the item but they are not being used before.

Grade A condition

Almost band new items, used before but have no physical scratch or dents and the software is only upgraded by us. With these items, we give 6 months’ warrantee with it. These items are fully tested by The Gadgets Lab and for that reason we are able to give the warrantee for it. If you are looking for great item with less price than the original, then will be the right option.

Grade B condition

These are items with small physical scratches and worn out edges but they have same capabilities of that new item. Their capabilities and software are fully test by us and we give 3 months’ warrantee with it. What you see is what you get great capability but less compromised condition.

Grade C condition

These items have lots of physical scratches on the screen and dents or damages on the frames or the housing. But they fully working and great for temporary usage for 3-6 months may be while you waiting for your upgrade or the money to pay new item or you want to use it on your holiday or as back up. We give 30 days’ warrantee on these items.